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CLAMP-AID® Hose Clamp End Guards for Agriculture and Industry.

What do: Farms, Factories, Water pumping stations, Coal mines, Electric car plants, Grocery stores and Micro Breweries have in common?  Hose clamps. They are everywhere and every year countless people get injured by one while at work.

That is why many of the worlds largest and smallest businesses insist on using CLAMP-AID® brand end guards on every hose clamp to safe guard their employees. This has led to huge savings, reduced workman's comp claims, less down time and an overall safer and happier workplace.

HVAC Ducting with large diameter hose clamp and red Clamp aid cover
Industrial water pipe installation with many worm gear clamps and Clamp-aid  covers
Industrial machine with hose clamps and safety covers
Compressed air line with hose clamp and red rubber end cover
Industrial hose couplers with integrated hose clamps and red Clamp-aid end protectors
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