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CLAMP-AID® Hose Clamp End Guards for Marine use.

There are a lot of uses for Hose Clamp Covers on boats. Diesel Engine, Gas Engines, Bilge pumps, wash-down pumps, bait tanks, Bait pumps, Holding tank connections, Thru hulls... the list goes on. The last thing you want to do when trying to enjoy a weekend out on the water is cut yourself on an uncovered hose clamp. 

  CLAMP-AID® end guards were originally intended for Marine applications and are currently being used by some of the worlds most respected manufacturers in the marine industry.

Trident marine wet exhaust hose with all stainless steel Ideal Tridon worm gear hose clamps and red Clamp-aid end caps
Thru Hull fitting with  Ideal Tridon stainless steel hose clamps and Clamp covers
Stainless steel marine hose clamp on a honda marine outboard engine.
Magbay yachts fuel manifold with stainless steel marine hose clamps and Blue covers
Outboard Marine engine fuel line with stainless steel hose clamp
Ideal Tridon SS Marine hose clamp on a thru hull fitting with rubber end covers
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