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CLAMP-AID Hose Clamp End Guards for Automotive use.

Hose Clamps are everywhere on cars: Radiator Hoses, Fuel lines, Turbos, Superchargers, Air Intakes and the list goes on...... Not only can exposed hose clamp tails cut you they are ugly and make your engine bay look unfinished.

CLAMP-AID® Brand end guards covers both of these problems. Protecting you from cuts and giving your engine bay that extra level of detail we like to call the  "finishing touch"

DC Cold air intake Honda civic si with performance hose clamps and Clamp aid end covers
Raiator hose and hose clamp on a hot rod with red end cover
Hose clamps and safety covers on jeep ripp supercharcher
Scion frs Toyota 86 subaru brz with a Supercharger, intercooler with Worm gear hose clamps and blue hose Clamp-aid hose clamp end caps.
Close up of Kraftwerks intercooler with hose clamps and covers
Cold air intake with Green Clamp aid worm gear hose clamp end guards on a modified Kia Optima
Restored Vintage Classic Oldsmobile station wagon with clear thermostat housing on engine an a automotive hose clamp with a green Clamp aid end cover
Worm gear performance hose clamps with red covers on ripp supercharger intercooler
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