CLAMP-AID® end guards and T-Bolt covers are designed specifically for worm gear and T-Bolt hose clamps, therefore they do not fall off, are easy to put on and stand up exceptionally well to abuse, heat , chemicals fuels etc...... Clamp-aid products and packaging are manufactured assembled in the USA.

CLAMP-AID® end guards and T-Bolt covers:

Easily slide over the end of a Hose Clamp band and T-Bolt studs protecting you from cuts.

Add a finished and professional look to your work .

Can easily be cut for shorter bands or bolts.

Can withstand temperatures up to 266 °F
(average marine and automotive engine compartments rarely exceed 190°F).

Can stretch to accommodate larger clamps.

Available in 7 colors

Are made of a flexible strong hi-tech plastic. ( Which alows Clamp-aid end guards and T-Bolt covers to stretch for larger Clamps and yet remain rigid enough so they are easy to put on)

Protect other hoses and nearby objects from chafing and damage.

Float flat on water.

For photos, colors and packaging options please Click Here


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Riverside, CA 92513

Phone: (310)770-4927    



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NEWS: Update 10/26/14 CLAMP-AID End covers for 5/16" wide Hose clamp bands are HERE! To check them out please Click Here

CLAMP-AID COVERS FOR 5/16" WIDE BANDS ARE ON THE WAY! We are working on a smaller version of Clamp-aid to accomodate the 5/16" wide hose clamp bands for more information and photos please Click Here

CLAMP-AID T-BOLT CLAMP COVERS NOW AVAILABLE Click Here for pictures and details. Clamp-aid T-Bolt covers are available in 8 colors.

Clamp-aid products now being used as standard equipment on military vehicles, being supplied to the U.S. Military.





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